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Social Structure Assignment Carl and Bélanger (2014) define social structure as “patterns of relationships and interaction that endure from one generation to the next” (p. 89). We may not always notice, but mostly everyone takes part in a social group. Social structure includes different components like culture, social class, status, roles and social institutions (Carl & Bélanger, 2014, P.89). In the following essay, I will discuss how I fit into the social structure. I will also define and give examples of the many key terms associated with social structure.
Ascribed, Achieved Status and Status Symbol
First of all, the word “status” is a term used a lot in social structure. A status helps sociologists refer to a person’s position in society.
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Role conflict is a phenomenon that occurs when one is forced to choose between the competing demands of multiple roles (Carl & Bélanger, 2014, p. 92). I experience many role conflicts with my different statuses. Being a student and a musician is very hard because to be a good musician, I need to practice my instrument as much as I can, but I can’t always practice because I have essays to write and exams to study for during the weekdays and week-ends. To be a good student, I must study as much as I can and review class notes, but I can’t always do that because, as the eldest, I have to take care of my younger siblings when I get home after school. Another role conflict would be associated with my permanent residency. The role expectation of a permanent resident is to stay in Canada for a period of 2 years out of 5. This means, I can’t spend more than 3 years out of the country during the 5 year period. I’d love to go study abroad in Italy or Spain, but I can’t because of my permanent residency expectation. To conclude, having many role expectations of your statuses can be very overwhelming because you sometimes have to choose between

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