Assignment : Researching A Mental Illness Essay

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1101 Assignment: Researching a Mental Illness: Separation Anxiety in Children

1) What is the diagnostic criteria for your chosen disorder?
The diagnostic criteria for Separation Anxiety Disorder is identified by a child psychologist or mental-health professional, and varies from multiple keen behaviors due to the concerning separation from their home or from whom the individual is emotionally attached to. Each individual diagnosed with this disorder as evidence will contain three or more of these particular symptoms. These behaviors include reoccurring signs of extreme temper tantrums, anxiety, depression or distress due to separation, which can cause deficiency within social, academic, and occupational functioning. However, those are the most common behaviors, others involve refusal to go to sleep or school without attaining that specific attachment or in the presence their own home. Individuals may consume continuous separation nightmares, intensive worry or fright involving the attachments harm, and uproar to the idea of being alone. The individual may experience excessive concern that an unexpected harmful event may occur, such as getting lost or kidnapped, that would lead to separation. Along with mental symptoms, there are some that are physical, for example, constant complaints regarding an illness, such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, stomachaches, and body aches when they are separated from their emotional attachment. The diagnostic criteria for Separation Anxiety…

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