Assignment 303 Stevens Nvq Essay

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Assignment 303
Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult socail care settings


Diversity is about difference, and its value is richness and variety that different people bring to society.
Every person is different and there are so many different ways in which people differ from each other examples are appearance, ability, gender, talent ,race and many more.
Is to try to treat people equally by give everyone equal opportunity.
A personal example is i have disability football team one of the players are not very good but i always give same time and chance as better players this shows equality.
It is about ensuring that there are no barriers that would exclude people,
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Each of these uses a series of national minimum standards in order to inspect the quality of care. There are different sets of standards for different types of services. For example ,there are separate standards for care homes for older people and for younger adults, for childrens homes and for fostering services. The standards documents provide a detailed set of definitions that outline the minimum quality of care that a person may expect. All of the organisations also provide user friendly information for people are using the services about the levels of service that they can expect to receive.
Codes of practice
The regulatory bodies in the uk have codes of practice for both employers in social care field and for the social care workforce. The general social care council in England, the Scottish social service council, the care council for wales and the northen Ireland social care council have similar cods covering key areas of practice.
Legislation about equality and rights
Discrimination is a denial of rights. Discriminationcan be based on issues such as race,gender,disability or sexual orientation.the main acts of parliament and regulations relating to equality and human rights in England, Scotland and wales but northen Ireland has its own equality legislation. These are equal pay act

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