Essay about Assignment 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation

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Assignment 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
Introduction to Physical Science xxxxxxxxxxxx December 6, 2015
Strayer University Professor xxxx xxxx

One of the most all time debated and controversial topics to date in science is global warming. Over the last few decades climate change have lead scientist to develop a theories that human beings are the major contributors to the global warming crisis. Many theories suggest that different types of issues contribute to the warming of the planet but the mitigation strategies to slow this process down vary as well. When speaking of this topic there are two basic types of climate change,
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Lastly, the increase in both frequency and intensity of extreme weather. According to many scientists, “we are increasingly seeing those predicted linkages show themselves” (Mulvaney 2013). The link between global warming and extreme weather is hard to measure, but the distinct pattern showing both the growth in number or extreme events versus the intensity of extreme events is hard to ignore. The effects of global warming is very alarming, but there are many ways that these effects can be mitigated. A current strategy is that we will look into different technologies that are currently being utilized. Such as solar and wind powered energy as a replacement source to power the homes and buildings of the world. While this technology is relatively new and costly, making use of wind turbines and solar panels in areas such as the desert or plains, could be used to replace the existing infrastructure that causes so much greenhouse gases. We would no longer need nuclear plants, clean coal, or natural gases to be burned off as a way to produce energy. The second mitigation that could be utilized is battery powered vehicles. Battery powered vehicles are still in the early stages of development and release to the public, if every vehicle in the world was converted into at the very least a hybrid vehicle, carbon emissions would be reduced drastically. We would also take out the damage caused by mining or fracking for fuels and the damage that causes on our

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