Asperger 's Syndrome And High Functioning Autism Essay

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Asperger’s Syndrome is a condition that’s widely known throughout the world. Asperger’s exists as part of the autism spectrum but differs in the early development of language from other developmental disorders. Asperger’s Syndrome and high functioning autism are often referred to as the same condition. Individuals with both Asperger’s and high functioning autism have average or above average intelligence, but may have issues involving social situations and communication. However, these are two different conditions and while they do present themselves similarly, cases of high functioning autism require that the child had delayed language early in development, whereas with Asperger’s Syndrome, the child did not show a significant delay in language development. (Autism Speaks Staff 2016)

The first definition of Asperger’s Syndrome was published in 1944 by Hans Asperger, a Viennese child psychologist, whom it was also named after. In Asperger’s experiments, he identified patterns of behavior and abilities which he called “autistic psychopathy;” the words autistic psychopathy collectively meaning “self personality disease.” The pattern that Asperger identified included: “a lack of empathy and ability to form friendships, having one-sided conversations, a great deal of enthusiasm in an interest, and clumsy movements.” Asperger also called the children he interviewed little professors as they had the ability to talk about their favorite subject in great detail. He was insistent…

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