Aspects of Poetry Essay

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To be able to explain the aspects of poetry to you all, I thought I would break the mini lesson down into two parts. It will help you understand the differences between a poem and a sonnet, and will make it easier to absorb all of the components involved.
First we will start with a sonnet. Let’s start by talking about just what a sonnet is. “Before Shakespeare’s day, the word “sonnet” meant simply “little song,” i.e., a short lyric poem” (, 2010). By the 1200’s, the sonnet had come to be known as a form of poetry that is comprised of 14 lines.
The first type of sonnet was the Italian version, also known as the Petrarchan sonnet. The Italian sonnet is separated into two segments by two different clusters of rhyming
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You will regularly see the use of metaphors, similes, personifications and irony in sonnets. An example of a metaphor in this sonnet is when the author states “I love thee freely, as men strive for Right” she is comparing the depth of her love with the passion a man can feel when he is defending his rights and beliefs.
On the very next line, the author uses simile by stating that “I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise”. She is sizing up her love with her faith, or religion. Lastly, I believe that the author displays personification when she writes that “the ends of Being and ideal Grace" she is personifying her love with life and religion. It is the main theme that pops from the sonnet. By and large, the sonnet is just a beautiful work that expresses extremely deep and intense feelings about love for another person.
I will be discussing the importance of word usage in poem. The poem I chose to discuss is “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet [c. 1612 – 1672].

Word choice in a poem is the one key aspect to get the message across in a poem. I admit that there are some poems that you have to read over and over again to begin to get an idea of what the author is talking about. Anne Bradstreet created a lovely tribute to the husband and she is expressing just how deep and intense her love is for her partner. By using words that really bring home the powerful sentiments, the reader can comprehend almost immediately what the author is expressing.

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