Essay On Person Centered Therapy

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Counseling is an element that is present for everyone and should be utilized, but it is not meant to be used by everyone. Some people may go into counseling for only one or two sessions and discover something useful. Others can go to weeks or even months without getting anywhere productive. My parents, for as long as I can remember, had the hardest time with their marriage. My mother always thought of my father as a fourth child because he did not do anything to “adult”; he would not pay bills, cook dinner, clean or even participate in taking care of his own children. It was always a “mom’s job”. If we ever needed anything, we had to go to mom. She was the one that took us to appointments, concerts, shopping, and even school.
After decades of this and several counseling sessions, my parents finally decided to end their marriage. They have gone to counseling three times in the last twenty years. The marriage counseling never worked because my father would always turn it back to his childhood and blame everything on the past. He would blame everything on how his parents “abandoned” him after his
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Congruence is a very important factor when dealing with clients, especially with children/teenagers. “The therapist does not have a façade (like psychoanalysis), that is, the therapist 's internal and external experiences are one in the same. In short, the therapist is authentic” (McLeod, 2015). In other words, be real to them and they will be real with you. Being a teenager myself, I know it is very important to have respect for others so they have respect for you. Some, on the other hand, do not get respect from family or friends so they do not respect the therapist or any authority figure. Being congruent with one another will help strengthen that relationship and allow the client to open up in ways they would have not done

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