Essay on Asian American Stereotypes Of Asian Americans

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Much through my youth, I was often reluctant to express my Vietnamese culture and background, sometimes to the point of denial. Regardless of adolescent desires to fit in with everyone, I chose to reject my ethnicity because of the stereotypical baggage which inevitably follows, especially prevalent amongst a crowd of uncensored children who have a poor grasp on social boundaries. I didn’t want to be involuntarily defined as a squinty-eyed, shy mathematician with broken English. I desired to be defined according to who I was rather than the societal views of my race.
Asian American stereotypes are showing to be detrimental in contemporary society. To be defined as a hardworking, smart individual at first glance may seem perfectly fine, however, Asian Americans are also tied to being timid, unconfident and having poor communication skills. These social barriers are known as the bamboo ceiling which “is a combination of individual, cultural, and organizational factors that impede their career progress” (Chen). The effects of this ceiling are discernable when identifying the percentage of Asian Americans in executive positions being significantly low despite the high amount of them holding professional careers. Asian Americans also have been surveyed to be the largest group to experience employment discrimination, sitting at 30-31% followed by African Americans with 26% (EEOC). What once was broad perspective that Asian Americans were benefitting from being the ideal minority…

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