Asian American And Asian Americans Essay

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When looking through the lens of the model minority stereotype, Asian Americans appear to be the “most highly educated of all groups, including white males” (Woo 2000: 193). Because of these success stories (the “Asian Horatio Alger”), the Asian American population is made to seem more successful than it actually is in that the model minority “[masks] extreme inequalities within and between different Asian American groups” (Woo 2000: 194). This stereotype can create negative consequences for both Asian Americans who do not conform to the ideal standards as well as those who perform as expected. The model minority stereotype diminished the achievements of Asian American students. For example, the progress that Asian Americans have made in college admissions “[has] been associated with concerns about ‘overrepresentation’ rather than praise for educational achievement” (Kelsey, lect. 10/28/15). The model minority stereotype can also have positive consequences--it can sometimes push Asian students to do better. Studies have shown that “Asian American populations tend to concentrate at the extremes of various indicators of social status...In the case of education achievement, there are large clusters of Asian Americans who are high achievers and the college-bound. In addition, however, there are students, whose high school records are not only less promising, but indicative of retention problems, including delinquency” (Woo 2000: 201). The model minority only brings to attention…

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