Essay on Ash And Pumice, The Story Of Pompeii

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Ash and Pumice, the Story of Pompeii
Angela R. Davis
Fresno Pacific University
PHYS-151-XON10 Geology and Planet Earth
September 24, 2015

Ash and Pumice, the Story of Pompeii Pompeii is a city arrested by time; it is beautifully situated on the Italian seaside with the Somma-Vesuvio complex dominating the skyline. Its ancient narrative is told in ash, pumice, and petrified masks of humanity. Mount Vesuvius is well known for its violent past as attested by the hundreds of victims encapsulated for generations. The Roman city of Pompeii lies seven miles southeast of Mt. Vesuvius and in the year 79AD a monumental eruption occurred that left twenty-five thousand people dead and left the area uninhabitable for three hundred years. Prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, which decimated the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, there was no Latin word for volcano. This changed when the citizens of Pompeii were celebrating a festival in the honor of a Roman god called Vulcan, the god of fire and the forge. When the fateful eruption occurred, two cities were devastated and out of the ashes a new word, volcano, was born. As the only active volcano in Europe, Mount Vesuvius is thought to be the most dangerous in the world. Due to the large population of the city and surrounding towns on the slopes nearby, which are nestled in the Bay of Naples, Pompeii is also one of the most vulnerable cities in the world.
The seaside city of Pompeii has long been popular as a…

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