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Chapter: 1


1. Introduction

As mandatory requirement of the Bachelor of the Business Administration (BBA) program under Eastern University, this report entitled – “Business Strategy”, a study on Fareast Islamic Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Insurance is a growing business in Bangladesh and has more and more scope to develop the economy of Bangladesh. In this report, we have tried our best to introduce the company and show their background, company policies, financial condition, performance and various analyses.

1.2 Objectives of the Study

The report is the part of the Insurance sector that we are studying in our BBA course. The objective of the report is to present the practical view
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Tools Used for Data Analysis and Presentation

To present the analyzed data we used bar and diagram and chart to present data graphically. To present financial analysis we used trend analysis, SWOT analysis, cross section analysis, common size analysis, sensitivity analysis, situation and share price analysis.

Chapter: 2

Company Overview

2.1 Historical Background of Insurance Company

Marine is the oldest form of insurance, which was introduced in Northern Italy sometime between the 12th and 13th century. However, the insurance business got an institutional shape in the United Kingdom after establishment of Lloyds Insurance Company in late 17thcentury.

The coffee houses of London played a vital role in developing trade and commerce in the UK. The merchants and traders used to gather in these coffee houses for their business transactions. Edward Lloyd opened one such coffee house in 1680. In late 17th century this coffee house virtually turned into the most famous Lloyds Insurance Company of the UK. During the British rule, some insurance companies started functioning in India. These companies were of various origins including British, Australian and Indian.

After independence, Bangladesh government nationalized the insurance industry in 1972 by the Presidential Order No 95, known as the Bangladesh

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