Artificial Nutrition And Hydration Is A Form Of Life Sustaining Treatment

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An overview of the issue, including procedures involved
Artificial nutrition and hydration is a form of life-sustaining treatment. It is a chemically balanced mix of nutrients and fluids, provided by placing a tube directly into the stomach, the intestine or a vein. Plus, artificial nutrition and hydration is given to a person who for some reason cannot eat or drink enough to sustain life or health. Also without nutrition and fluids a person will eventually die. Moreover, artificial nutrition and hydration is a medical treatment that allows healthcare providers to bypass whatever may be preventing a person from eating or drinking and it may be used for a variety of conditions (WebMD, n.d.).
Short-term artificial nutrition and hydration often is given to patients recovering from surgery, greatly improving the healing process. It may also be given to people with increased nutritional requirements, such as burn victims, or to someone who cannot swallow because of an obstructing tumor. Similarly, a highly sophisticated form of artificial nutrition and hydration (total parenteral nutrition, or TPN) can be given indefinitely. For example, TPN can be given to patients with serious intestinal disorders that impair their ability to digest food, enabling them to live fairly normal lives. However, long-term artificial nutrition and hydration also is commonly given to people with irreversible neurological disorders, such as advanced Alzheimer 's disease or severe stroke, although it…

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