Artificial Intelligence And Human Being Essay

1829 Words Jan 24th, 2016 8 Pages
Scientists in artificial intelligence want computers work like human being. More similarity between computer and human being means the strength of intelligence of computer. Although none of current computer can implement a “strong” artificial intelligence, higher levels in “weak” artificial intelligence are still big achievement in science of artificial intelligence. As we cannot let machines have their own idea, we could design complex algorithm to simulate the human being. So, what does human have?
Vision is one of the main functionalities of human. For most people, eyes are the premier way to receive the perception from the world. Then, one big problem in implementing artificial intelligence is to let computers “see” the world. Computer cannot see the world like human, even we add a camera on it. The world or image data outside the computer only means various 0s or 1s to the machine. Looking out of the window, we can see sky, sun, soil, trees, or humans. We know everything we saw, if we remember it before. If put a dog before your eyes, you know it is a dog even you never saw it before. Because you saw similar animals before, and someone told you it is a dog. It is really simple for a human to recognize a dog. However, recognizing a dog is do difficult for a computer. Computer vision is such discipline that studies how to reconstruct, interpret and understand a 3D scene from 2D images in terms of the properties of the structures present in the scene. The processes of…

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