Artificial Insemination And The Natural Fertilization Methods

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The term artificial insemination can be identified as the procedure in which a female animal is fertilized by humans using methods other than the natural fertilization methods. In agriculture, especially the industrial sector, the principal of artificial insemination is extremely important to the business in all types of animal based agriculture from large ruminants like cows to chickens. Artificial insemination is important, in the industry, because of factors such as genetic variation, practicality, and in commercial meat birds such as turkeys and some chicken breeds the rooster is unable to successfully mate with the hen because of his large breast. Since artificial insemination is such a large component of the agriculture industry is important that the optimum method of undergoing artificial insemination is put into practice. It is for this reason that four treatments semen were administered to 40 hens, to identify if one treatment worked more effectively than another. The treatments included a fresh sample from one individual, a fresh sample sample of pooled individuals, a sample from one individual that was stored for 24 hours, and a pooled sample from multiple individuals that was stared for 24 hours. Based on the results of this trial, whether or not the hens were successfully fertilized or not will give an indication as to whether or not a sample from one individual is as, if not, more effective than a pooled sample from multiple individuals, similarly if a sample…

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