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Janet Sanchez Professor Cichelli Sociology 100 March 8, 2015 Article Summary In the article "Understanding American Worldview," the author J. LaVelle Ingram explains the cross cultural differences between Americans and immigrants. It also informs immigrants the atypical worldview of the American country they are adopting. Hence, these set of worldviews are categorized in five dimensions. In America, the first identified dimensions of worldview is that time focuses on the future instead of the

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In America, since the social relations sense is individuality, college students are able to decide on their own majors, young women have the freedom to live in their own apartment, and young men who have jobs are not obligated to give money to the family. However, in several other cultures such behaviors are considered disrespectful. A personal example would be ever since I was young, everyone in my family wanted me to pursue a career in the medical field. Once I started community college, I took a few courses pertaining Pharmacy Technology and Medical Assistant but I realized these careers did not meet my interests. It was difficult telling my family what truly interested me and they were disappointed for a while, but in the end they were supportive. In some cultures we may seem heartless or selfish for not following what our group or families instilled us, but we are simply taking care of ourselves according to the American worldview.

The fifth identified dimension of worldview is that what one does or accomplishes, is more important than the way they conduct themselves. A person's job is highly important in determining one's relative value in the society. Athletes and celebrities conduct themselves the way they want to because they are rich but nonetheless, they
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