Essay on Article Review : The Exclusionary Rule

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It was December 24th, 1968, the afternoon before Christmas. Pamela Powers, a sweet, blue eyed, blonde ten year old girl went to the bathroom to wash her hands and vanished during her brother’s wrestling tournament. What happened to her? A man named Robert Anthony Williams raped, killed her and left her body to rot in a ditch. This murderer was almost able to walk away a free man after confessing his wrong doing, all because of the exclusionary rule. And this isn’t the first time justice has been tainted because of this flaw in the judicial system.
According to in an article titled “the Exclusionary Rule” it states “The Exclusionary Rule prevents the government from using evidence in trial which was derived from an illegal search, seizure, arrest, or interrogation.” This means any evidence found “the wrong way” is surpassed and inadmissible in a criminal trial. Now, many believe that this law is crucial in order to prevent our rights being stolen from us to obtain evidence in ridiculous ways, such as torture, but is this really the case? The exclusionary rule is hardly credible, can result in criminals to roam free, and can cause wrongful conviction and It needs to be abolished, or it needs to be altered.
According to in an article titled “The Exclusionary Rule: The Whole Truth?” it states “The central idea behind the U.S. justice system is that an accused person is confronted by the evidence against him or her in an effort to discover the truth…

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