Article Report On Writing Police Reports Essay

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Writing Police Reports The on time recording of the events that take place in a scenario is essential to the profession of policing when writing a police report. According to Redwine (2003) it is necessary for a police officer to take in consideration writing police reports right after a case to record as much as information possible with precision. Writing down details such as the time and date after a scenario allows more accurate information for the next person taking on the case, such as detectives, prosecutors, judges etc. A police officers has numerous cases during the week, therefore it is difficult if they wait on writing their police reports because remembering times, dates and location might no longer be as precise. Most essentially a written report reflects what happened at the time of the incident.

According to Redwine (2003) showing proof that an officer was there to access the situation in a lawfully manner is essential to the profession of policing when writing a police report. Everything in policing evolves around proof, not only for the benefit of the citizen but of the officer as well. Writing a police report shows that a situation was accessed by a police officer and the scenario was under control. This proof allows the detective to use against or in favor of individuals who may have been involve during the incident. The writing of the police report reflects what was done and it acts as a statement to later on prove. For example if in a police report it…

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