Essay Article Report On Poverty Of The United States

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Section 1: According to this article poverty rates in school K-12 have risen from 17% to 18%. Most children in public school systems belong to parents or guardians that get paid the minimum amount of money each year. For example, feminization of poverty’s definition is the higher likelihood that female heads of households will be poor. Most women in the United States have grown in their ability to work and raise a family on their own, but the discrimination of women is still intact in society where they are paid lower wages. Therefore, free or reduced lunches in school is a relatively great thing. However, the effect on the schools to do this for children is difficult to determine. School’s mostly consider finances from parents to determine the use of aid. Fraudulent activities can happen in order to get free lunches as well. This diminishes trust in the system which then effects society and how they determine certain groups of people. Parents who are trying to save money figure this is a great way to reduce costs. It is rather hard to determine who actually needs assistance and who doesn’t. What if children’s parents start making good money? This means that those children’s parents can provide more money and stop using government assistance. But for children who have parents that are still financially struggling means they will in fact gain a dependency. The poverty line in society indicates that income in at least three-quarters of households are not making enough and need…

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