Article II Of The Constitution Essay

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Article II of the Constitution begins with the phrase “The executive power shall be vested…” The founders then went on to detail the various duties that would be expected of the Presidential office, and the sundry list of the powers that the office could exhibit. However, this is where the controversy began. Just a few short years after the ratification of the Constitution, the question as to the extent of what those powers were came to the forefront of the political scene. Many argued that the President should be reined in to what was expressly said in the Constitution while others said that executive had a longer leash in regards to authority because of the first six words of Article II. Right out of the gate, an issue arose over the President’s removal power. While the Constitution expressly stated that all the Presidential appointments had to be made with the advice and consent of the Senate, it was wholly silent on the matter of removal.
James Madison proposed legislation that would allow the Executive to have full authority over the removal of the heads of the War, Treasury, and State departments. He wanted the President to have complete control of the inner workings of the departments under him in order to insure workings went smoothly. The House of Representatives was staunchly against this idea, and did not want to invest the office with so much uncheckable power This sparked a large and heated debate that was completely unprecedented, especially in response to…

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