Essay on Article Analysis : ' Walked A Lot Like Us '

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Article#1-Our human ancestor Homo naledi 'walked a lot like us '
Citation: Michelle Toh, S. (2015, October 7). Our human ancestor Homo naledi 'walked a lot like us '. Christian Science Monitor. p. N.PAG.
The given article is based on the research of an experienced journalist. The author analysis the news provided by the news organization “Reuters”. In the article, the author attempts to discuss the similarities of our human ancestor Homo naledi and us (humans). She emphasizes the similarities between the foot of our ancestor homo naledi and modern human beings. Moreover, she states that the similarities between the two species might be greater than it thought before this discovery. She states the information of the subject provided by the researches to a news organization.
The author’s research is merely based on the news provided by the organization. This can be seen throughout the article by the way the author states each research. As she uses the phrases, “told Reuters” while stating the researches. This makes her a secondary source of the information provided. Even though, the journalist is experienced and has made many publications before, this does not prove her credibility about the information provided. She does not have first-hand knowledge about the subject that has been discussed in the article. This makes her article a less credible source to be used in a research paper. Her research isn’t as descriptive and well researched as it should be to…

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