Article Analysis : ' The Clearing House ' Essay

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Ruchti, Wendy, Susan Jenkins, and Joachim Agamba. “Critical Supports for Secondary Educators in Common Core State Standard Implementation.” The Clearing House. 86.6 (2013):
246-254. MasterFILE Elite. Web. 16 Oct 2015.

The authors, all PhD’s, located at Iowa State University, College of Education. The focus of the article relates to teacher professional development. A study of the implications of the Total Instructional Alignment (TIA) used in Iowa public schools. Furthermore, the three authors determined the challenges of meeting the specific needs of professional development. The challenge included limited time for preparing students to meet the college and career readiness objective. The perceived beliefs of teachers concerning support are important, according to the authors. Furthermore, the authors studied the effects of Common Core State Standards and the factors indicating readiness of teachers for the subsequent implementation of Common Core. Also, an analysis of the problems in implementation, established the uniqueness of professional development for secondary teachers. Finally, the authors projected the missing link in the Common Core initiative is a collaborative professional development plan that increase teacher knowledge and skills (247).

Strauss, Valerie. "Everything You Need to Know About Common Core." Washington Post. The Washington Post. 18 Jan 2014. Web. 11 Oct 2015.…

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