Article Analysis : Performative Acts And Gender Constitution Essay

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Through her essay, Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory, Judith Butler explores the conceptual presence and creation of gender identity within society. Using past philosophies and theatrical examples, she discusses the complex nature of gender identity that exists through the false reality of societal values and sanctions. Throughout her exploration of the reflective notions surrounding performance and gender identity, Butler portrays gender as an abstract perception that exists through a shared reality and mutual acknowledge of common acceptance. While Butler’s assertion of the false manifestation of gender identity reflects the complex nature of the subject, she neglects to acknowledge the transforming societal norms that are constantly changing the definition of gender. Despite her insipid exploration on nontraditional gender identities, she successfully identifies the binary contract and temporal existence between gender and social norms. As Butler asserts that gender is crafted through performative acts, she successfully
Identifies the difference between gender and sex. “To be female is…a facticity which has no meaning…but to be a woman is to have become a woman” (522). Much like newborns that do not possess the capacity to distinguish between males and females, sex has no meaning. “The body…is not predetermined by some manner of interior essence” (521.) To be a female is to be born with female anatomies. However,…

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