Arthur Miller 's The Crucible Essay

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Guilt often thought of as a misfortune, is actually a moral quality of a dependable and loyal person. It is usually the result of a sin, and is a companion of deception. Guilt has the potential to consume an individual’s mind to the point of changing their nature. In The Crucible, although John Proctor is a Godly and trustworthy man, he commits a sin that transforms him into a deceptive person. The reader can see this change in his demeanor. Proctor becomes a quiet man, who walks around as if he has something to hide. He not only struggles internally with his guilty conscience, but it affects his day to day life with the people surrounding him as well. The final affect of guilt on Proctor reverses his moral compass back to the truthful person that he was before. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller utilizes the character of John Proctor to reveal the effects that guilt can have on an individual. In this situation, not only does guilt affect John, but it affects an entire community as well. John Proctor puts all of his effort into preserving his integrity and saving his good name. During his trial, he emphasizes this by saying, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life... How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name” (Miller 143). It is here that Proctor illustrates the extreme importance of his integrity to himself. Jean-Marie Bonnet states, “For Proctor, his ‘name’ does not only mean reputation, but truth to oneself and…

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