Art Vs. Art Education Essay example

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Art education refers to the education given in disciplines including dance, theatre, visual arts, music, that attempts to enhance human development, cultural heritage, and societal competency, among many of personal maturities (Bryant, n.d.). This definition of what art educations means and stands for, given by the Fine Arts Department of a School District located in Katy, Texas, may first of all, be interpreted differently around the world, and may, second of all, take on an incredibly modern context as compared to a defining statement about art education in the 1800s. One may venture into the past and find themselves in an art classroom, where there are an obvious lack of materials, a setting that has been pre-fabricated by the superiors who delegate funding and who is important enough to receive that funding, and an art teacher who may not even understand the concept of art education yet, much like Joseph Mann’s 1868 Boston, Massachusetts classroom (Szekely & Bucknam, 2012). Mann is not proficient in the arts and elucidates his lack of experience, already surrendering himself to the classroom and cleansing himself of any backlash a ‘real’ artist may have against him. He compares art techniques to mechanical labor jobs. If a student of his had liked to become an artist, he would allude to the fact that this career may lead to factory jobs or assembly line jobs, but at least the student would have a clear understanding of shapes and geometry to aid them. Mann uses a…

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