Art Is An Expression Of Emotion And Imagination Essay

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The issue with art is the viewer, not the artist. For too long artists have been to blame. Whenever an art piece is considered bad, it is about the viewers subjective experience. Who is to really decide whether a work of art is good or bad? It sure as hell isn 't just one persons’ decision, so is it a group of people, with an outweighing majority in what they believe in? I don 't believe it is either of these, for the reason of no one has the right to say whether or not the work is good or bad but the artists themselves. Artists have the sole determinant of their work, because they know their work inside and out, and whether or not it has attained the goal they set for it. As an aspiring artist, who has been a part of the criticism artists receive, along with education of the history behind government funding artists, believe the NEA should increase its funding. Art is an expression of emotion and imagination. An artist puts their desires into their work, a message, a purpose, whatever their intent is, they do art for a reason, usually reaching out to a specific audience. Although I do not believe people have the right to decide whether artwork is good or bad, everyone has their opinion of liking or disliking a piece. Art has an infinite amount of styles, techniques, and methods that make every piece different; they are generalized into the elements of art, and principles of design. Analyzing art through the elements and principles of design are the easiest way to tell the…

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