Art History Essay

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Museum Extra Credit Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects the senses, emotions, and/or intellect. Many types of art, even if from different eras, can be not only different but also very similar. By going to a museum and learning about all the different types of art, you realize how different pieces of art can have a lot in common. I decided to visit both the Getty Villa and the Getty center museums to learn more about the artwork that we learned about in class. I went to the Getty Villa to find my work of art during the Neolithic era and I went to the Getty Center to find art from the Roman Imperial era. Both museums were very interesting and it was hard for me …show more content…
They are titled as “Drug Jars”. In the 700s Islamic practitioners established the first pharmacies in present-day Iraq. Influenced by the Islamic work and study of ancient Greek and Roman medical texts, Italian scientists began to establish pharmacies in the 1400s to dispense medical preparation. Maiolica jars were used for storage, since they were easily washed ad therefore hygienic. Much of the functional maiolica remaining today is in the form of drug jars. My favorite item in the group of “drug jars” is the “Dish with an Allegory of Love”. It is of a young man depicted in the center of the molded dish. The young man is bounded to a tree. This image, popular in Italy in the 1500s, is an allegory of love. It is shown as a bittersweet force that holds its victim captive. In keeping with this theme, a rope encircles the central scene. These two pieces of artwork are similar because they are both they are both vessels used for meaningful purposes. Some jars are made strictly for art purposes only, but these two both had very important functions. One was used as a flask and symbolized a very heroic god, and the other was used for medical purposed and was incorporated with important gods and goddesses, such as Venus (the goddess of love). They both used these vessels for religious reasons and based their ways of life of these gods and goddesses. I have learned a lot about mythology in the past so I have a good grasp on a lot

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