Essay on Art History

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• Chapter 1 Notes - Prehistoric Period o Paleolithic Period – "Old Stone Age"
 Old and primitive period
 Around 50,000BC
 Artwork consisted of cave paintings
 Brutal period
 Average life expectancy was about 20 years o Neolithic Period – "New Stone Age"
 Begins around 9,000BC
 Neolithic Revolution
• Agriculture o Allows people luxury of staying in one place; stability and performance o Cornerstone of civilization
• Domestic Architecture o Wigwam, Huts, Lean-to's o Native American Indians were considered "Neolithic"
• Refined tools o Spears, Bows and Arrows
• Domesticated Animals o Hallmark of luxury, stability, and permanence
• Pottery – clay art o Bowls and
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54 – Grant Gallery
 Also called Giant Causeway o Pg. 55 – The Great Sphinx
 Not known why it is there or who it is
 Believed to be carved of excess, poor quality stone
 Up until the 18th century, buried up to its chin in sand
 Excavated in the 1790's by Napoleon
 Stone tablet located between paws
• Says that it was already dug out once before
 Probably damaged by Arabic wars and Napoleon's drunken soldiers
 Door found in side of structure leading down a flight of stairs to another door
• Believed to be a tool shed o Pg. 56 – Khafre Statue
 Builder of Middle Giza Pyramid
 Engaged Sculpture
 Cubic Structure
 Very solid, block-like
 One giant piece
 Made of Diorite
• Dark, greenish, grayish, black, hard stone o Pg. 57 – Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty
 Not so much

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