Essay Art History : Then And Now

1979 Words Nov 19th, 2014 8 Pages
Kali Graziadei
Prof. Flaherty
Art History Survey (ARTA101-WA)
16 November 2014 Art History: Then and Now Art is a very important aspect to society. It is what helped shape the world around us. Art is closely related to history, in that it provides proof of earlier human life and contributes to a more accurate representation of every day life throughout the centuries. It literally paints a picture of what the artist’s life was like and conveys his/her feelings in a more visual way. Art is a tool that humans use to express themselves, and therefore provides a valuable source of insight into human life from a variety of cultures and time periods. In the 19th century, a big movement in art occurred called Impressionism. The Impressionist movement started in France in 1874, and broke away from traditional European painting. It incorporated scientific research into the physics of color to achieve a more exact representation of color and tone. What made these paintings unique was the new method the Impressionists used. Instead of using long strokes, they applied paint in small touches of color which gave a flecked appearance. The founder of the Impressionist movement, one of the most influential artists in the late 1800s, was Claude Monet. He is the artist behind the painting technique called “en plein air”, applying flecks of color with the intention of using the play of light to capture nature more accurately. Monet uses this technique in his painting, Bend in the Epte…

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