Essay on Art As An Art Form

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What is exactly is poetry? Some may say it is the same as all other writing; and others may say it is an art form. Art is more then just writing art is something you can see and feel and poetry gives you feeling of emotions and shows you a story though the words and techniques used in poetry. According to “Poetry is an art form in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or instead of, its notional and semantic content. It consists largely of oral or literary works in which language is used in a manner that is felt by its user and audience to differ from ordinary prose.”(
I personally see poetry as an art as well the definition of the word art and for something to be considered art is “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” (Art) Since poetry has a lot of emotion and expression in it it would be considered an art.

Rachel Hadas was not only a poet but an artist. She was born November 8,1948, she studied at Harvard university and poetry at John Hopkins university and she also studied comparative literature at Princeton university. In between college and graduate school, she spent four years in Greece. She says that this experience helped surface her work. Rachel Hadas has not always just been a poet. Rachel has worked as a teacher in the English department of the Newark, New Jersey campus of Rutgers University. She also taught courses of literature and writing at Columbia and…

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