Essay about Art : Art And Art

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To me, all art is beautiful, and everything that is beautiful, is art. Art is about passion and expression. It doesn’t matter the skill level of the artist or the time taken to create a piece, it’s about what the artist felt while making the piece and what he put into it, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. However, I will admit that some art is definitely better than other art. But, that doesn’t make it any less of art. All pieces deserve attention, but it’s likely that some art will draw your attention and fit to your tastes more than others. All of the paintings and statues mentioned below were either shown directly in the film or are displayed in a gallery mentioned in the film. I decided to choose this question because I knew it would challenge me to think more critically of art, as this is uncommon for me.
There were quite a few pieces in The Rape of Europa that stuck out to me more than others; two of which were shown directly in the film and one found in the 1937 Musuem of Degenerate Art. My favorite piece shown in the film was The Astronomer by Johannes Vermeer. This is a painting of a man, presuambly an astronomer, looking over a globe. Done in 1668 with oil on canvas, this painting has survided a literal war. Although this painting was only briefly shown in the film, I knew I admired it immidiately. As mentioned above, art is about passion and expression. Both of these key elements are present in the Vermeer painting. Not only was his technique flawless,…

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