Arranged Marriages Should Be Legal Essay

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Arranged marriages is a practice that has been around for several centuries and has become a broad term over the course of time. Aside for the standard process of parents finding marriage elligble partners, there are several other types that fit under this practice, such as: child marriages, exchanged marriage, diplomatic marriage, introduction only, love-cum-arranged marriage, mail order, modern arranged marriage, and modern arranged marriage with courtship [New World Encyclopedia]. The practice of each type differs from country to country to culture to culture, some more commonly done than others. Arranged marriages are typically done under traditional means to help continue religious traditions or caste. Within the !Kung and Dinka tribes, located in South and North Africa, the practice of arranged marriage is just as common. Parents and other close relatives are the ones to arrange their children 's first marriage and, if the children are still young, then they will arrange subsequent ones as well [Nisa]. When choosing a son-in-law, the !Kung consider age (preferencing a man that is not too much older than their daughter), marital status (preferring an unmarried man opposed to one looking for a second wife), hunting ability, and willingness to accept responsibilities [Nisa]. The Dinka, being cattle herders, see man 's work has always tending the cattle, through this cattle is seen as a bride wealth and if a man desires to marry the woman of his choice, then he is to…

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