Arranged Marriage Should Not Exist Essay

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The more interviews I conducted the more common seemed the responses. I categorized my data into two themes that seemed to be present in all my interviews were one being that arranged marriages should not exist because women are forced into marriage. The other theme was that arranged marriage do and should exist because they are said to be “suggested marriages” and that women are not forced into marriage. An incredible difference was seen in views, between the age groups of the interviewees, when I interviewed those who were under the age of thirty; they seemed to have completely opposite opinions from those over the age of forty. The interviewees over the age of forty thought of arranged marriage as a “suggested marriage” and not forced, while most interviewees under thirty thought otherwise. The two men that were also interviewed agreed that arranged marriage should exist, as a way to find their significant other. They also stated that in no way they would allow the other person to be pressured into marrying them.
After concluding my interviews, I found that the interviewees over the age of forty reiterated that most arranged marriage happened due to their parents “love” insuring their child future, and not in way force their children to marry someone they don’t want. In one of the interviews “Blue “a twenty three year old Indian woman said that most people from the west assume that arranged marriages were forced, but, in fact, the unions is just “suggested…

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