Aristotle 's View Of Politics And Ethics Essays

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Human beings are often misunderstood because of the various beliefs that each possesses. Whether it is a view that happiness comes from material things or whether it comes from non-material things, live in care for your soul. Both Plato and Aristotle have their respective views on the way that they believe is the greatest of human beings. Plato takes the approach that is contemplative which the main point is that theory and intellectual contemplation of ultimate truths are best in life. Aristotle takes a political view where you have to be involved on politics and informed in what is going on to be able to achieve the highest good for yourself. Whether it is a contemplative or political approach, both have strong arguments as to why a person should follow one approach over the other. They also have similarities that could possibly persuade you to follow one over the other. Aristotle’s view of politics and ethics seems the most reasonable because he intertwines contemplative life with a few other things like creation and action. There are different bits of knowledges that Aristotle believes in and each relates to each other to create a balance. Aristotle’s view of the highest good has distinct advantages over Plato’s because his knowledge is classified in categories that balance each other and he wants people to be able to, when confronted with decisions, know right from wrong, know what to do, and how to handle the situation. Plato’s view of the highest good is intellectual…

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