Arhag Housing Association Case Study

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The aim of this study is to examine the approaches landlords have in place to prevent homelessness and what initiatives are in place. Arhag housing association (hostel) is being used as a case study to identify if their approach has changed since the recent changes in government policies. The study also aims to look at tenancy sustainment and how the hostel measure success and if there is a similarity in what other organisation are doing. The data from the interviews will be used to make a comparison to what other organisations are doing.
The two methods that will be used to investigate my research is interviews (qualitative research) and secondary data, which will mostly consist of published articles. The secondary data mostly
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Furthermore, Bloom & Crabtree, (2006) note that a key strength for using interviews is that it will provide further in depth information than a questionnaire would. As well as using interviews to gather further information, secondary research is mainly being used as a means of a case study and to help answer the research question. Furthermore, due to the size of the organisation it was difficult to gather more data than intended, therefore, using case studies was vital to ensure there was consistency and to allow for a …show more content…
However, the information received from staff members will allow to build a comparison between what other landlords are doing through the information collated from the secondary sources. As well as conducting interviews with staff members, my research includes extensive use of secondary research, secondary research can be explained as sources already been produced by others. It is important to have a variety of studies for this particular research to allow for comparison, although the use of various literatures may be seen as unreliable due to the date it may have been

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