Arguments In The Dystopian Argument

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Sometimes the negative outcome of things present more of an urge to change, rather than changing for the greater good from the beginning. It can be easier to ignore the truth until the last minute, than to face it head on from the beginning. That’s why I believe dystopian arguments work more effectively in convincing the audience. The arguments themselves can hold a lot of reason and credibility that not only persuade someone into believing the argument but might also grab at the emotional side of a viewer. They promote outcomes that we wish to avoid such as global warming, or the loss of human essence and in doing so provide us the willpower to see things for what they are, and bring upon much needed change from its perspective. With current crucial affairs such as global warming gaining little to no urgency, we can infer that perhaps a more critical/dystopian standpoint could bring more light onto the issue. This is because you can be more realistic with the audience, not lead them on with any false hope of security. You …show more content…
This is what I think is important when trying to sway the audience towards your side of the argument. With techniques such as being able to connect with the viewer on an emotional side, while providing substantial credibility and logic to your argument you can promote a strong persuasive argument. Additionally, breaking down points to help bring up your own, pushing critical ideas up front, and presenting the brutal truth of your argument to help bring out the emotional side of your audience will promote strength within your argument. Being able to point out the negative outcome of things will also motivate people to want change, leading to the idea that these arguments are more effective at grabbing people 's attention. This is why a dystopian argument can form the some of the most effective and compelling arguments in

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