Manic Depression Informative Speech

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Millions of individuals suffer from depression. Many go about suppressing it in all of the wrong ways; some even harmful to your body. There are safe and effective ways to handle being depressed. No one enjoys sulking inside - when we 're happy, we feel on top of the world. I 'd like to share with you some methods to avoid and also methods worth trying that are safe to your mental and physical health. You Should Avoid: - Cigarettes, coffee, sodas. These don 't do your body any good and in the long run with excessive intake, risk doing harm. They also have the chance of becoming very addictive. Don 't allow your body to become a slave to a chemical. - You should also use with great caution anti-depressants. These can have many side effects, …show more content…
For as long as I can remember manic depression has been apart of me. It has affected every aspect of my life deeply. Manic depression isn 't just a mental disease it actually is a physical disease. It alters your mind, playing evil tricks on it, creating false hope and false memories. Manic depression does create imaginary worlds to live in when you ca not deal with the real world 's problems. I for years lived in a manic depression world of imaginary events and feelings. Manic depression was once known as a mental disorder, but now more research is seeing it as a physical disease instead of a mental one. I sometimes feel as if manic depression chose me for a reason. Why? It has broaden my horizons as a person. I couldn 't imagine my life without being a manic depressive. It is one thing to be depressed and one to suffer from manic depression. Manic depression can alter the mind and life of anyone. I know from personal experience just what it is like to suffer from manic depression. It has become a major factor in my life. I can recall countless memories of how painful the manic depression was on me and how it affected my friends and family. Does manic depression affect everyone the same way? No it doesn 't. Why am I composing this article? It is in hopes to save someone else 's life who is in need of a friend. I am one of two million adult Americans who is suffering from this disease. I believe the number of people suffering from manic depression would be much higher. Why so? I believe from personal experience those who are suffering from depression are ashamed of the disease to come forward and get the help they so desperately need. I too was ashamed to come forward and seek help for my depression. When I was diagnosed manic depression I became even more ashamed. I didn 't think anyone would understand. When being diagnosed, your doctor will ask three questions, such as these how intense the mood is, how long

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