Tobacco's Effects On The Environment

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Tobacco Companies cost the United States large amount of money each single year; they use to cost more than $289 billion yearly including as a minimum $133 billion in direct medical care of adults that refer to a clear negative point for Tobacco use. The first people who used Tobacco are the pre-Columbian Americas. It was used in the past by the Native Americans for ceremonial and medicinal purposes, it seems that they smoked it within pipes after cultivated the plant. However, Tobacco companies should be held liable for the damage that their product do for the environment not only for people health. The reason for that is tobacco companies hurt the environment in several ways, it also damages the smokers health with their bodies,
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For instance, if companies aim to raise farmland for tobacco growth, they will need to cut significant number of trees to use the land for tobacco plants. Therefore, the deforestation will increase while the number of trees is decreasing. Not only the vegetation that will be affected but also animal life because there are animals, birds, fish may die after eating by mistake the cigarette butts that washed into lakes, ocean and rivers because their bodies cannot resist waste or digest it. Under these circumstances, Tobacco poses a big challenge to environmental sustainability since it harms the life of plants and animals that will lead to environment imbalance. Moreover, as well as organisms are depending in each other in the food chain, a disappearance of one element will lead to extinct another …show more content…
For example, British American Tobacco Company is seeking to reduce their direct environment impact by making their operations more efficient, make sure that the suppliers they deal with them are suppliers who have strong environmental credentials. They are also encouraging their current suppliers to make an improve in their environmental performance. In addition, British American Tobacco Company follows a good environment management by depending on natural resources for their products. What is more, they do some activities to improve the environment such as providing for agricultural research some grants to help farmers lands to have additional crops with the exception of tobacco crops, make efforts to enhance biodiversity and get afforestation. However, one company cannot solve environments problems; international companies should collaboration to find more solutions. Furthermore, Tobacco companies still damage the environment even by the simplest actions like smoking and throwing cigarette butts without mentioning damages in a long term that leads to real

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