Stop The War On Drugs

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Grayson Perry
Ms. Spain
English IV
Rough Draft
The war on drugs The U.S is questioning if they should continue the war on drugs. Drugs are harmful to people, but they are very hard, almost impossible to get off the streets in not only the US, but other countries as well. It is important that the United States is spending money and time on drugs because drugs are too harmful and deadly. Its very important for the health and well being of our country that drugs get off of the street, soon. Some people believe that we should totally stop the war on drugs because the U.S has been fighting this war for so long and we have gotten no where. Those who wish to stop the war on drugs support their opinion with research, claiming that the war on drugs
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It can cause serious health problems. Health problems are already bad without drugs being legalized so imagine if we stopped protecting the borders from drugs and they came in freely. Right now in America, there is a war with legalizing marijuana. We should not do this because marijuana is an addictive, gateway drug. It severely impairs mental functions and physical functions. Also, legalizing marijuana means there 's a possibility of selling it. It is proved to increase violence. America does not need to be endangered even more. Right now in America, 50,000 people per year are dying of drug overdose. Think about the ways that people could die if marijuana was legalized and the U.S stopped the war on drugs. Impaired drivers could wreck into innocent people, Addiction would be on the rise even more, or there would be so many addicts that there would not be enough supply around, drug addicts that are going through withdrawal is not a good thing. Another point in this is the health problems that go along with drug abuse. We could go on and on about the problems that goes along with it, but a few are high temperature, seizures, and heart problems. Continuing the war on drugs would help resolve deaths on this issue, not just overdoses. Did you know that 80% of people that are arrested use drugs and that 50% of them are clinically addicted? There is mental withdraw and physical …show more content…
This could bring the United States together more than ever to bring new ideas to the table. There has been over $1 Trillion spent on trying to find a solution. The US now has its biggest prison system, but yet this isn 't enough to have the will to change the drug policy. For too long we have been looking at it from the view of the criminal justice system, this ends up with people 's lives being shattered. We need to look at it through a health perspective so people can get their lives together. Another issue is money, it is expensive to prosecute drug offenders, it 's also expensive to detain them. Currently, America is putting more money into prisons than they are into educational schools. We need to find out what the opinions of other people are, and what they think the first steps to a drug free country should be. The number one enemy in the U.S is drugs. Drug use is increasing rapidly, therefore deaths are increasing. 2.8 million Americans have admitted to using illicit drugs, this is just the people that will actually admit it. The reality is that the United States is close to giving up the war on drugs, when we need to be fighting this war the most. We should think of our loved ones and consider the fact that maybe addiction is a disease and not a choice. Yes, it was a choice the first time the user ever tried it, but from then on it was a disease

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