Argumentative Essay On The Qusqan

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Thank you for the telephone call. You were concern on the subject of friends which is in the Quran in several verses. Unfortunately, the confusion in our discussions left the matter unresolved. I am very sad that I have failed to deliver you with a clear explanation. Now, it has become my responsibility to explain my views and I hope Allah will enlighten you with wisdom. You have exercised a verse from the Quran for your Muslim friend for being a friend with a non-Muslim. But now you are experiencing the consequence by incurring enemy and ruined relationship. We know that Islam means peace and to understand verses like that will only cause contradiction with Islam. You have just seen a living proof from your own experience that the verse you …show more content…
It has chronological history of events of the prophets with diverse moral examples for that we can envisage and excel. Allah contrives the message as a universal for all stages of human lives. It is a criterion, as the principle for evaluating the message from the historical events as set down in the Quran and not as each versus as literal because the events poses an effect and has a clear comprehension. An example, when we finish reading a book, we get a complete idea of the story, but if we quote a paragraph it means something else. In the Quran you have to read the complete Surah to envisage its meaning and its effect from its wisdom. Just by quoting a verse will always fail to perceive the divine message. The historical events of the prophets give us the principles of moral that we can apply any stages of human life. It is not for emulation but application of the moral concept that supersedes all trends, social cultures, politics and laws. The principles of moral are adaptable and for amelioration and this is the real purpose of the Quran to be universal. We are created as diverse personalities with every soul are unique with diverse perceptions, and it is not static it is changing as human progresses with time. This is why the Quran is versatile and can accommodate any stages of human life with amelioration. For the last thousand years we have followed the verses as a prescription from the Quran and made it into monotonous Islam which has no amelioration. Each Surah has great meanings to provide us with guidance if we can understand the wisdom. If you take each versus without the context of events, then the meaning changes and this is the problem we have faced for centuries in the Muslim world. For lack of understand of the Quran, we have become stagnant in spirituality and every aspect of Islam has become religion with superfluity of words from man-made sayings. Quran

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