The Movie The Help Essay

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Anymore movies are knockoffs of already previously written books, comics, or already shown movies. Very few movies are original anymore. Now some of those movies are not half bad. Some have actually become popular such as Batman Vs. Superman, Hungergames, and Divergent. Even though they are knockoffs of the original work; the movies become off the chart hits. One of those movies that have become timeless to people, and me, is the movie called The Help. The Help is a movie set in the time of after slavery, but the African Americans are still being mistreated. Many people reviewed this movie, including Dana Stevens. She says the movie is a comedy; that illustrates a horrible representation of the African American’s side of the situation.(Stevens 775-777). I agree with her and disagree. I …show more content…
She is saying the characters in the movie are only in the movie to represent a certain character trait and represent stereotypes of the time for whites and blacks. I believe this statement is true to the point but unneeded. As stated above the movie, though serious, needs to be simplified. Yes, there are going to be adults watching this movie, but children are going to be watching a movie like this too because Disney did create this movie. I am not saying children 's movies need to be very simple, but they can not contain complex plots such as a Batman movie or Star Wars, old versions. The plot and characters need to be simplified more than a regular movie. Having stereotypes in movies can be beneficial for the viewers to get the point across. For the characters to be understood in a movie like The Help the blacks and whites need to have obvious traits that are also well known. This is where stereotyping is needed. As long as the stereotypes are not character damaging or damaging to a specific race; what is the harm at using obvious character traits to get the story movie and

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