Argumentative Essay On Paintball

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Paintball! A fast-paced, adrenaline pumping, game...paintball is a world renowned sport and is growing popularity faster than several other top sports. Paintball is non-contact, making it very safe when played right. According to the Sports Data Inc. surveys, paintball has the lowest injury rate of ANY sport, at only .31 injuries per 1000 participants. Paintball is viewed several different ways by people that have not experienced it for themselves. A lot of people think paintball is only for "gun crazy" maniacs. Well that is an incorrect statement, mainly because paintball "guns" are not guns at all. The definition of "gun" is, "Any weapon that discharges shot, shells, or other bullet by the explosion of gun powder or some other explosive from a strait tube." Paintball markers operate in a VERY different way. Paintballs are propelled out of the barrel by air, not any type of explosive, and paintball markers are NOT weapons. No one has ever got killed by a paintball marker from getting shot. Even without a mask on. Although eye injuries have been reported, this is due to the fact that an unsafe game was played. Most likely someone decided that they were superman and took off their goggles in the middle of a game and no ref was there to stop him. …show more content…
Yes, paintball leaves welts, but most people can stand them. The pain of a paintball welt is surely not any worse than getting tackled by a 200 lbs football player. If safety is what people are worrying about, why do we have football, wrestling, or basketball? They are all in the top ten for highest injury

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