Argumentative Essay On Mental Shootings

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Has it ever crossed your mind that whenever there is a massive shooting the first to blame is mental illness. Why is that? Schools, stores, restaurant’s/bars, offices, place of worship, military bases and etc. What we once considered a safe place is now an unpleasant place. One hundred and fifty horrific shootings over the last fifty-two years from nineteen sixty-six until now. One thousand and seventy-seven deaths, one hundred and seventy-six of those deaths were children and teenagers. Yet, the judicial system has the audacity to stand before mourning parents, grandparents, and friends making excuses for the rifleman that gun downed their loved ones in cold blood showing no remorse or sympathy. Broken child, troubled, in and out of foster homes is the meaningless excuses we get like the reason that the killer did it is okay. …show more content…
According to Violence and mental health people with mental conditions are more dangerous to themselves than others. Mental illness dates go back to the late eleven hundred B.C. Prior to modern medicine this disorder was believed to be caused by evil forces and “cures” were brutal. “Therapies” used to treat these disorders included beatings, burnings, castration, blood transfusions, and exorcisms. Trephination was also another method this consisted of drilling a hole into the skull. These treatments were believed to have been done to release evil spirits thought to cause these illnesses. Brutal treatments were not replaced until the late eighteen

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