Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana being legalized for medicinal purposes has raised significant apprehensions about the conveniences and appeal it has to the community, especially drug addicts. The objective of this research is to educated people about what marijuana is, how it is used, how it affect brain functions, how it may affect one’s health, how addictive the drug can be. After that, we will proceed further by focusing on the medical aspect of it. For instance, the differences between street marijuana and medical marijuana, why marijuana is not approved by the FDA. After we have broken that down, we will look at cannabinoids; what they are, and how it is beneficial (medical wise). We will then wrap up with treatment options for marijuana addicts.
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Doing so will cause the individual to feel the effect of the THC within 30 and hour. THC substance perform on explicit brain cell receptors that typically retort to natural THC like chemicals that are present in the brain. These natural chemicals are significant in the way typical brain develop and function.
Marijuana over stimulates portions of the brain that encompass the significant amount of receptors. This is the result of the “high” sensation, user’s experience. Additional effects comprise the following: reformed sagacity of time, fluctuations in mood, reformed senses which includes seeing bright colors, diminished memory and body movement, struggling with thinking and the lack of ability to solve problems,
Marijuana also play significant roles in the development of the brain especially if an individual commences usage as a teenager. Consuming marijuana at such a young age condense the way the individual thinks, memory and learning functions. It also siphons the necessary connections from the brain to essential areas. These result could last a significant amount of time, or it could be
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But, scientists that have produced extensive research to the FDA about marijuana chemicals, has steered to the progress of two FDA sanctioned medicines that contain cannabinoids in pill form. Numerous individuals contend that marijuana should be legalized due to the facts that the chemicals in marijuana, is being used to remedy diseases and symptoms. There are several states that agree with the statement and has legalized marijuana for medicinal use.
Majority of marijuana being sold as medicinal purposes has the same density and carry equivalent health hazards as marijuana being vended on the streets. But the chemical cannabidiol that is present in marijuana is being used to treat illnesses corresponding to ferocious seizures/ infantile epilepsy. For these reasons, scientists are now constructing CBD in oil form to help remedy illnesses. These oil form medicinal marijuana has proven to be less appealing to drug enthusiasts since they are not

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