Marijuan Life-Up In Smoke

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Marijuana; Life Going Up in Smoke
Recreational drug, two words that are not commonly placed together. Yet when it comes to marijuana, most define it as that. Society continually disputes over the addictiveness of marijuana to the point of some states deeming it legal, whilst others are placed in jail for possessing even the smallest amount. One might frequently question the reliability of information on marijuana addiction given throughout the populace, due to the confusion on the topic. Addiction can taint anyone; for addiction can mean the compulsion of the simplest things like a daily habit that is hard to give up. If one to make marijuana a part of their daily life, like a routine then addiction can come very easily. Clarity on reality
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An article from CBC stated that last year almost 2 out of 10 citizens used marijuana in that year, yet many them are not daily users and not addicted; but what kind of people do get addicted to marijuana? (Evans, 2015). Dr. Alex Stalcup declares that genes are a strong foreteller of addiction (Barclay, 2016). Saying that, parents that have addictive properties are more likely to have children with addictive properties as well. Another factor that influences addiction risk is a lack of responsibility. If a man or woman has a job, a mortgage, and a family to take care of are less likely to use marijuana frequently because they have an obligation to stay sober. Along with that, mental health is a large component in marijuana abuse. Marijuana is said to relieve the effects of anxiety and stimulate …show more content…
Even for one not as serious as most such, there is hope for rehabilitation. Just because marijuana addiction is not considered a serious problem does not mean one must suffer silently. Outpatient rehab, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, community reinforcement, and support groups are readily available for anyone with this dependency on marijuana (“Marijuana Addiction, n.d). Marijuana addiction can be linked to mental illness, thus the dependency on a drug that is said to having calming properties. Yet the use of marijuana for a long period causes more distress on the mental health, which is why it is necessary to heal the head before any progress can occur. An organization called “Marijuana Anonymous”, (n.d) illustrates the need of following their twelve-step program to reach cleansing of the compulsion. Firstly, one must give up the notion that they have power of their addiction. A power greater then oneself can cleanse the addiction if one were to believe in it. Make the choice to turn in one’s belief into a higher being. Take a moral catalog, and must also admit that they have wronged in some way. Then one must ask for the universe to cleanse their faults, and shortcomings. Thenceforth, one should make a list of all who they hurt with their addiction. Amends must be taken towards the hurt to heal oneself. Continue to admit one’s wronging when a mistake has been made. Restore one self’s spiritual health

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