Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

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The topic I chose to write about is Global Warming. Global Warming has been studied and analyzed for many years. Many people are poorly educated on this matter and do not truly understand what is actually going on. Not everyone believes that global warming truly exist. A lot of people believed that global warming was completely man-made. And, even though this is not completely incorrect, there is an abundance of evidence to prove that global warming is problem that persists, right now as we speak. Global warming has continued to impacted us in many ways. From the tornadoes of 2011 to hurricane Sandy in 2012, the effects of global warming are all around us and we as humans have to propose a plan to sop it.The first picture is from the famous …show more content…
According to Lenntech, Svante Arrhenius and Thomas Chamberlin realized that humans could increase the heat of the earth by adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere(Enzler). Also according to the article, after Svante Arrhenius died in 1927, his theory was forgotten for a long time because it was thought that human activities on the Earth were too minimal to actually have any effect on the Earth. However, the statement has been proven that global warming has become a major issue due to the constant pollution produced from man made machines. Global warming starts when many air pollutants and carbon monoxide are trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere causing the planet to become very hot. According to Nasa this picture depicts the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere over time. As you can see it wasn’t until recently that the level of CO2 emission has skyrocketed to a never before seen level. This can potentially be very dangerous. This is dangerous because according to NASA global warming can lead to a sea level rise, global temperature rise, warmer oceans, shrinking ice sheets, declining Arctic Sea ice, Glacial retreat, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, decreased snow cover and

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