Argumentative Essay On Firefighters

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They save lives; help save theirs Sixty eight percent of all firefighters fall victim to cancer. Protecting lives and property are two predominant objectives for firefighters, but it absolutely is no easy job. Ohio is one of only sixteen states without a law recognizing the link between cancer and fighting fires. Senators in many states have introduced presumptive cancer legislation bills; however, they get rejected because of the high taxes they require. Firefighters risk their lives each and every day to save and protect the citizens of America. Firefighters in America should receive workers compensation for all types of cancer diagnosis.

Firefighters dedicate their lives to the protection of life and property. The profession of fighting fires risks the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. There are
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In Ohio, Senator Tom Patton has introduced a presumptive cancer legislation bill four times proposing that firefighters could "receive money for medical costs, workers’ compensation, and survivor benefits for their dependents." The legislation has been fought by the Ohio Municipal League every time. Firefighters save hearts and homes. Many think that a firefighter’s worst danger is flames, but many studies have proved that statement incorrect. The least thing citizens can do is protect firefighters from one of their worst dangers; cancer. A study done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health found that “firefighters have increased risk for all cancers and that increased risk was primarily driven by six types of cancers.” Many people believe that firefighters should not get workers compensation for cancer. They argue that the presumptive cancer legislation would put too much of a tax burden on

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