Persuasive Essay On Legalize Drugs

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Drugs are bad. Very few people need put much thought into it. As long as most people can remember, parents and teachers alike taught them to stay away from drugs, and that the consequences of drug use were tortures unfit for even the worst criminal. Drugs destroy relationships, ruin families, crush ambitions and sometimes even end lives. These truths are all but undeniable, yet there may still be merit in broadening our perspective with regards to the way we handle drugs in America. The prohibition of drugs is in fact an outdated ideology that hurts our country economically and morally. Our country would benefit from the legalization of all drugs. Today, the law is clear that drug use is forbidden, and the government arbitrarily decides what we as Americans can and cannot do with a large number of drugs. After all of this, however, they allow us to purchase tobacco and alcohol products, as if the use of such things were any less deadly and destructive than the currently illegal substances. The government could just as easily profit similarly from the sale of drugs meant for recreation, and be no less moral than they already are. In fact, it is more honorable to allow citizens …show more content…
There is no arguing the dangerous aspects of drug use, yet there is compelling evidence that prohibition is a failing system designed to fix an age old problem. The legalization of all drugs offers benefits that seem to outweigh the risks, and there is historical proof that it worked with alcohol. In the end, most people are unaffected by such a transition, as less than one percent of America’s population consumes over 80 percent of hard drugs (washingtonpost). It is much more important to protect civil liberties and offer assistance to those who struggle with drug use than to create a system which unwittingly allows criminals to thrive and leaves innocent people to

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