Argumentative Essay On Drug Addiction

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Imagine a person going to AA, what do you think they look like, how old are they and what do you think they 're going for. I take it that you would have never imagined a 12 year old kid going to an AA meeting for alcohol. However, I can personally tell you it was extremely scary and embarrassing, but the worse thing is that it wasn’t for alcohol. When I was 12 years old I went to AA for having a drug addiction to heroin. Yes I said heroin. I know it is probably a huge surprise but it happened and I never want anyone to ever experience anything like I did. It all started just after my 12th birthday. My parents were beginning to trust me a little bit more now that I was older so they were letting me stay out with my friends a little later. One …show more content…
Huh?! You just want to end your fucking life and leave us with your dead body?! When I walked outside looking for you, I thought you were dead Zachary! It broke my heart seeing that. There’s no way that you 're going to be a college baseball player with a fucking drug addiction. I’m not going to let you do this to yourself anymore Zachary!”
I remember this conversation so vividly because my dad was crying the whole time. Up until that day I had never seen my dad cry. Two days later, they took me home and my dad went straight to the spot where he found me, found all my needles and everything else. Crushed it and threw it away. I tried hard for 2 weeks without shooting up but that addicting itch got to me one day and I snuck out and ran to my dealer.
“I seen the 3 ambulances at your house like a month ago, I thought I lost my best customer little
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I participate in a program in my city that help mentor kids that are in a one parent home or a drug abused environment. The kids find it easy to connect with me because I tell them my story and then they just spill their thoughts about their home or the environment around it. I plan on going back this summer and helping again. Heroin is a terrible drug and I will never want anyone to experience the pain and hell I went

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