Why Do People Have A Disability?

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Having a disability is a strength rather than a weakness. Everyone could work one being proud of their disabilities, as it only makes us stronger, and we can learn to focus on your abilities instead. “The worst part about a disability is that people see 'it' before they identify you.” This famous quote was presented by Easter Seals, an organization of people that work with the disabled of all ages to encourage them, so they can reach their full potential. They are attempting to change the way the world defines and views disabilities. This quote deciphers how people view disabilities before personalities. When somebody looks at a disabled person for the first time, they’ll presumably observe their disability before their ability. Disabled …show more content…
Having a disability strengthens your thoughts, and you will learn about your abilities too! People with disabilities should be treated normally, just as you would treat your best friend, and how your best friend treats you. Nobody likes being treated differently. All they want is your respect and kindness. These little details can affect their thoughts and lives! Think about how the little things affect their lives, like walking away from them, staring, or looking away, telling them they can't do something when they haven’t even tried, whispering about them behind their back, etc... All these examples, and more, can influence and affect someone's life. Some phrases never leave someone's head and can change how someone thinks about themselves. The next time you see a disabled person, treat them like a normal person. When they realize that how they are being handled and talked to is not ‘normal’, they won't feel any better. Most people call them ‘cute’, but the truth is, they're more than that. If you catch someone talking about someone's disabilities, stop them, and tell them to focus on their abilities. You need to learn to see beyond a person’s

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