Adderall Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Controversial drugs are a big thing in the world today. Some people may think that there is nothing wrong with a certain drug, but others have different opinions and believe that it should be outlawed or banned. There are many controversial drugs such as Adderall, Medical Marijuana, Steroids, and Xanax. Most reasons why drugs are so controversial today is because the drug can help a person, but also may have side effects and risks that can be harmful to someone. Many controversial drugs can also be addictive, and cause a person’s life to be ruined because of addiction. One of the most controversial drugs is the ADHD and narcolepsy medication Adderall. The drug Adderall is a schedule 2 drug meaning it is a controlled substance with a high potential for abuse and addiction. Adderall should not be banned, but should be carefully monitored …show more content…
Adderall has many side effects which is a main reason why not everyone should take it, especially if it is not prescribed to one. When someone is taking Adderall they begin to get a rush or high. What most people do not know is that the high only lasts a couple of hours. Eventually, this feel good period or high will stop and cause that person to crash. When one crashes they begin to feel sluggish and might even get depressed. If Adderall is not used efficiently it can cause mood changes, tremors, and hallucinations. Overdosing on Adderall can lead to dangerously high blood pressure, vomiting, severe twitching or uncontrolled movements, seizures, heart failure, and other problems. People who overdose on Adderall can potentially put themselves in risk of strokes and heart attacks. This can happen because when Adderall is put into one’s body it increases blood pressure, increases one’s heartbeat, and can cause the heartbeat to get off track and start beating irregularly. Not only does Adderall cause health problems, but it can also be very

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